Last night I watched this sad but inspiring documentary. Described by David Attenborough as a witness statement of his life and the future, he discusses human-driven changes that have occurred during his lifetime in the natural world and the impact we've had on the diversity of wild plants and animals on the planet. His message is urgent. We need to make changes now to save what's left of the planet's biodiversity and to save ourselves. The film showcases stunning nature and landscape cinematography and beautiful animals. 

During my lifetime, the warnings have gotten louder. Actions that used to feel hopeful and inspiring now feel not enough and overdue. But we must remain optimistic and work together to harness the change needed to stop the damaging impact we have on nature and wildlife, and work to restore our natural world. 

David uses the term to "rewild" the earth. Before learning about organic fabrics and sustainable craft supplies, I worked with organic produce and vegan meal preparation. Thankfully organic food is more widely available and affordable now. I will continue to learn about and find sources for eco-friendly, sustainable, and organic supplies for makers who don't want to impact the environment or others negatively. Let's be makers, not takers, and continue to make beautiful things!